15 April 2012

Simple Twist of Fate (23 May 1984)

They walk along by the old canal
They're bound by those cathedral bells
Stopped into the restaurant hotel
Where the desk clerk dressed in white
With a face as black as night
He said, "Checkout time's at eight"
Bringin' back that simple twist of fate

23 May 1984, Tour Rehearsals, Los Angeles, CA


Has anyone ever heard of a hotel with a checkout time of eight o'clock (other than a seedy hourly rate hotel, of course)? We have yet to encounter one.

08 April 2012

Man Gave Names To All The Animals (1989)

Well he saw an animal up walkin' all alone
Great big neck and a [broaching] out the day
It looked like his neck was goin' for a mile and a half
“Ah, I think I’ll call it a giraffe”

13 June 1989, Frejus, France


He saw an animal out to stay
Walking fifty miles away on a different day
That baby tried, and he tried to laugh
“Ah, think I’ll call it a giraffe”

23 August 1989, Oklahoma City, OK


The last of only three outings of this song in 1989 was performed just a few days later but the giraffe simply didn't make the cut. The original version from the Slow Train Coming album named several animals, including a bear, a cow, a bull, a pig, and a sheep, but no giraffe.