08 November 2011

I Shall Be Released (20 Jan 1986)

It don't take much to be a criminal
One wrong move and they'll turn you into one
At first the pain is just subliminal
You protect yourself then you're forever on the run
I see my light come shining
I don’t need no doctor or no priest
Any day now
I shall be released

Martin Luther King Jr Tribute
Washington, DC

Dylan radically rewrote this song specifically for this tribute and never performed it again.


The only lines in the above which survive from the original Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 album, released in 1971, are, "I see my light come shining...any day now, I shall be released."


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezFqMUuz65Q

    got the whole song here for the other re-written verse!

  2. is this a SANCTIONED page ? I'm sure Bob would like to know about it if he doesn't already. He WILL.